Photo by Craig Mellish
Buddy Squires ASC

Buddy Squires is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker and Emmy-winning director of photography and a founding member of Florentine Films. 

His cinematography credits include six Oscar-nominated films, one Academy Award winner, twenty-two Emmy-nominated productions and ten Emmy Award winners. He has ten personal Emmy nominations and one Emmy Award. In 2007 Squires was honored with the International Documentary Association’s Outstanding Documentary Cinematography Award (career achievement).  His work is regularly featured at the Sundance, Telluride and Tribeca Film Festivals.

Buddy Squires is best known for his work on numerous documentary features and television specials including:  The National Parks, The War, Masterclass, Into the Deep, Soundtrack for a Revolution, Stonewall Uprising, Jazz, The Civil War, New York, Nanking, Mark Twain, Crime & Punishment, Smashed, Baseball, Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, The Donner Party, Reporting America at War, Ansel Adams, Ram Dass: Fierce Grace, One Survivor Remembers, Amato, Frank Lloyd Wright, Soldiers Of Peace: A Children’s Crusade, Heart of a Child, Compassion in Exile: The 14th Dalai Lama, Chimps: So Like Us, The West, Scottsboro: An American Tragedy and Out of the Past.

His producing credits include: Statue of Liberty (Oscar nomination with Ken Burns) and Coney Island (Sundance Film Festival).  He is the director of Listening to Children (Emmy nomination) and the co-director of Fast Eddie, Seeking Justice, People’s Poetry, and War Files.